Writing as Work

Creating content–a piece with intent and interest and a CTA (Call to Action)– is a beast of a different kind. The need to create text for an audience that is clearly organized and defined must now include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords and metatags.

A writer must also take into account the sheer volume of information that people experience everyday, which creates information overload.  Is it no wonder then why readers have short attention spans that determine when, how, and why an audience will read content?

Thus, a writer must consider the medium where the piece will be read, or quickly glanced at, to see if there are any words that stand out to catch a reader’s attention–all while the content has to align with the means and mechanisms of getting the text to the audience it was intended to reach.

A writer in the current, technically advanced arena of the web needs to anticipate, configure and revise a piece to incorporate the needs of a specific audience, as well as for clarity of thought and wording, but also for a myriad of other factors induced by today’s technological requirements.

The challenge to provide interesting, engaging and sticky text is a gauntlet I can’t refuse. Deciphering the delicate intricacies to showcase a piece that provides intent and interest to a reader–wherever they find the piece, be it website or hard copy–so someone will WANT to read the content is the how I contribute to my skills to the world.