Local Reno Writer

What I Do

As a content writer, I create and develop SEO enriched text that entices an audience to learn more about a subject, or I help them find an answer to a question through the content.

Content marketing allows customers to get to know you and your business by building their trust in the information and insights provided by your company. 

Sales & Return on Investment

It takes approximately 7 to 13 touch points (interactions between business and customer) before a consumer thinks about purchasing from a business.

Each touch point needs to capture the readers’ attention.

Every time a business communicates, the interaction needs to build trust between the company and the audience.

Attention and Trust: the two elements that build a brand and generate repeat business.


Connect with Your Audience

Is your website answering your customers questions, so they remember your business?

Here’s a couple of questions to make your website more effective:

  • My company does this. . . . (clearly and easily found on the home page at the header.)
  • How does your company make your customers’ lives better?
  • What does your customer need to do to buy your product or work with you?

Websites sell your product / service 24/7. 

They speak to current customers and potential ones. 

What is your website saying to your customers?

Don’t know, that’s where I help your business.

I take your message, your brand, your experience and knowledge

and turn it into content that is tangible, easy to read text

that your audience reads, so they engage your company, coming so

 to you to solve their problem. 

List of Services

  • Website Audits
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Develop Website Content
  • Write Blog Posts
  • Interview People
  • Write Articles for online & offline publications
  • Content Marketing Consulting

A Conversation Begins the Process

Call me. We talk. That’s how the process begins.

I’ll ask questions:  

What are you doing right now to market your business?

What’s working? What do the analytics say about your customers? 

You let me know your concerns, and where your struggling, and where you see your business going. 

Through conversation and review of your business materials, a plan will emerge that addresses your business’ content marketing needs.

If there’s one thing that I truly enjoy doing, it’s solving the pain points that frequent your business’ content and marketing strategy. 

It all starts with a conversation.