Client Projects


For the company, Arepaes, I wrote three of their blog posts, as well as creating the chef series.

The blog posts shared information about Columbia to interest people in the origins of the product.

The purpose of the chef series was to demonstrate the flexible and adaptable arepa.

The chef series highlighted two chefs, Geoffrey Caliger and Zyzko Bernal, who created recipes to share with the audience to demonstrate a tasty GF dish for homes and restaurants.

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Color Your World Painting

The website content for Color Your World Painting was developed based on the company information and the owner’s personality.

Larry is an awesome guy who believes in being a responsible, kind, and an accountable person.

Matt Minten of Inventive Web Design developed the website itself.

We are a great team. I truly enjoy working with him.

Larry was a fabulous client too.

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r6s website

Ash and Kristi Sobhe of wanted content for the company website that reflected their mission and personal experiences.

Working with them both, content was created that outlined their original goals for the company and its offerings. Ash is a digital marketer

and SEO wiz, so he managed the content for SEO.

Mary Meeker Realtor website

Mary needed a website that reflected her multiple offerings with Entrepreneur Real Estate and Sigua Enterprises.

We reviewed how she works with clients, so her personality came through in the content of the website.

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Laub and Laub Law Firm website

For the Laub Law Firm, I held the position of content writer on a team of four, which included our team leader, John Bankhead and Dave McCraw of McCraw Media, Inc. who managed the SEO for the website. The design team created the visuals, my task was to take writing from previous websites and develop easy to read content that attracted the attention of individuals searching for attorneys like Joe Laub and his team.

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Jane Rubinstein, Energy Healer, article on LinkedIn

Jane has been in the field of healing for over forty (40) years. Currently, she studies Energy Medicine and helps her clients unravel subconscious blocks that hinder them from realizing their potential.

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Dr. Stephen Sinatra article on LinkedIn

I met Dr. Sinatra at the Bioregenesis Conference in 2019. He is an amazing human being. He and I had a conversation about the heart and improving overall health.

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Nevada Cleaning Solutions– the coupon

Janet Long, owner, asked me and graphic designer, Marina Gibson, to create a coupon for her customers. After the coupon was presented to customers, her business increased 15%.


Neighborhood Neuropathy Center–a brochure

Patrick Doyle hired me to work with his graphic designer to develop a B2B brochure for a peripheral neuropathy program.