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Hi, thank you for reading more. I appreciate your interest and time.

Freelancing, the Journey

When I started freelancing, my intention was to sit at my desk and type away, read a whole bunch of interesting stuff, and come up with enticing articles to be read by others.

What I learned was that marketing and technology are as intrinsic in writing as is knowing the discipline itself.

To be an effective writer and help businesses that I knew, I had to quickly learn marketing and sales, so I could understand the playing field–which is the holy grail of quick information–the internet.

SEO, Content Marketing, Context Marketing, Social Listening, Search Engine Listening, and Digital Marketing strategies, all became vocabulary words that turned into learning new skills that a writer, who wants remain relevant, must learn. So I am learning because no one stays ahead of the curve. We all ride the edge because technology moves far more quickly than anyone can keep up.

The funny thing is that technology moves so fast to accommodate how we interact with it and what we demand from it.

A paradox for sure; irony for certain.

Content & Copywriter Website

The website exists for two reasons:

1). to have a portfolio; and
2). to have a place to build community


We are social creatures; we like to know about each other. When the blog Coffee & Conversations is ready for public consumption, it will showcase individuals and their stories. The goal of having a blog is to introduce people and their professions to a broader audience than our local networking gatherings. Awesome people will be featured, so they can share the activities they enjoy doing in their working lives.

My goal with the blog is to demonstrate that regular individuals are just as important as the stars of Hollywood on the large or small screens, or professional athletes, or influencers on the Internet.

The world needs all of us. Do you know some outstanding individuals whose stories would make for a great interview? If you do, please contact me.

As a portfolio, dscribedae.com was created to provide examples of the work already accomplished, plus the various types of content that I provide as a writer.

A very big THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people in my life who have stood beside, behind and around me, so I could write for a living.

Wishing you all the best, Daena