First to thank is the great above and beyond, the almighty UNIVERSE.

Next, of course, are my parents and family–thanks M & D and Todd.

After that, well here comes the list of friends who have supported me in more ways than one.

HUGS Super Friends:

Lauren Gunter, Annalisa McLaughlin, Marina Gibson, Kenny McCormick, Linda Lovie and John Long, Esq. Violet and Frank Dining, Eric Miller and Carol Purroy.

Thanks to my clients, those people who said, “YES!” to my services.

Thanks to Jane Rubinstein because she is simply AMAZING.

Thanks to my dear friend, Ingrid Bellissimo, who left me in charge of her and now my children, whom I love and adore, Isa and Luca.

Thanks also to my professors at UC Santa Cruz and CSU Humboldt–my sincere gratitude for your encouragement and training.

Many thanks to all of my future connections and clients. To those of you I have yet to meet and can’t wait to do so, thank you in advance for trusting my skills.